That XX By G-Dragon goes straight to #1

Yes, that's right. This amazing song has gone all the way to number one.....on all the Korean charts!! (Here's a link to the charts)I'm not sure if it's big here in America. It is mostly Korean language through this whole track. But I still love it!! And I found out the real lyrics!

I'm pretty sure he saying "That Bastard" or "
That asshole" Who knows and who cares? If they wouldn't of told me he swears I most likely wouldn't of known. I think this is a beautiful song regardless.

I admit, I am curious about what he's saying exactly. I can hear it in the song but obviously I can't translate it. So does anyone know??
Please tell me!!
It's sounds like he's saying keeseekee

Anyway, I really enjoyed this video. I thought some of the camera techniques were kinda crazy. They made GD look much older than he is. But that's what they were probably trying to do. And the girl in the video, Jennie Kim I think. She's a trainee at YG and I think she'll be very successful when she comes out.


Anonymous said...

Good work, Colleen. Looking forward to more. Haengbog-eul bil-eo-yo

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