Jay Park : Quite Possibly The Sexiest Man Alive

Ok, before I even say anything....watch this below......

So, you see what I mean? I just....I can't......He's just.....and those tattoos. And the abs. Sensory overload.
And it's not just his looks that make him so incredibly yummy, He also has the voice of an angel. And can rap pretty damn good. Check out his rapping skills in the video below

Damm right??!?! Amazing. And he can be the sweetest, cutest, bubblegum pop star when he wants to. Check out one of his latest videos called "Joah" which translates to "I Like You". So cute <3 
Basically Jay Park is one of the most amazing K-Pop artists I've ever heard. And what a bonus that he's from Seattle and can speak perfect English. I can't stop listening to him! Here's some other really good videos by Jay Park that I like a lot.



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