Big Bang's Alive Making Collection Series (Eng Sub)

So I was just hanging out on Tumblr like I usually do looking at pics of Big Bang then all of a sudden AHHHHHHHHHHH OMGEEZERS! Someone posted this awesome post with links to this Alive Making Collection. And let me tell ya, they are pretty Boss. Seriously, you want to see this. I'm not sure if they are new or not but hey, they are new to me! Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

[Engsub] Alive Making Collection Disc 3 [1/4]

I am watching these as I am posting them and dang they are awesome. This one starts with the Alive photoshoot for the CD booklet. And it's pretty cool. It shows them getting all iced up for their frozen looks. And then it ends with their studio practice for the Bad Boy stage choreography. Check it out! 

[Engsub] Alive Making Collection Disc 3 [2/4]

Wow, TOP has gotten so much better at dancing these last couple of years. LOL He almost blends in with the rest. This video starts with the choreography for Fantastic Baby and ends with Monster. 

[Engsub] Alive Making Collection Disc 3 [3/4]

Now that last link is some bull's actually on youtube but there is no sound!! NO SOUND>!!>!>!> How can you do this to me??!?!! This is torture!! 

Well here it is in case you want to watch it with no sound. :( :( :( :( 

[Engsub] Alive Making Collection Disc 3 [4/4]


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