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It used to be really nice 
When I could be together with you
Sometimes even when I was lonely and sad
If I can be together with you
Sing it na na na
This isn’t the end for us
Please let’s meet again when the flowers bloom

Sometimes funny things happen a lot
You met someone so undeserving like me
Will you be able to love someone again?
I don’t think it would happen if it wasn’t for you
If my footsteps led me unconsciously
A ray of your light shone on me dazzlingly
A pretty flower road where I can feel a vibration
That’s where I was able to stand because of you, Roly poly toy

If you’re going to leave, I’ll let you go
I’ll spread flowers on the way you go

If you miss me, come back to me
Love me when you’re back
Rest for a while along the flower path
And wait for me there

It was really nice at first
If I could be with you
Even though I was sometimes sad and lonely
If I could be with you
I cried a lot but there were lots of times I laughed
This too shall pass
So I’ll see you next time when flowers bloom

365 days in a year, the only one in the world
You are the Motive in my music, the person who enlightens me
I used to come up with lyrics while leaning on your gigantic flower garden
I still remember it vividly, boom boom
The color of the blooming flowers is ten thousand
Infinite deep vibrations, Vivaldi’s four seasons
You are still the picture that I can’t hold in my heart
I still doubt my eyes, You are my Magical Queen

If you’re going to leave, I’ll let you go
I’ll spread flowers on the way you go

If you miss me, come back to me
Love me when you’re back
Rest for a while along the flower path
And wait for me there

I pick the flowers and kiss them and I blush
I lay the flowers into a path and I prepare the path for you to come back

If you miss me, come back to me
Love me when you’re back

Rest for a while along the flower path
And wait for me there

I pick the flowers and kiss them and I blush
I lay the flowers into a path and I prepare
Wait for me there

BigBang Fuse Interview English Sub



K-Pop group BigBang talks to Fuse

They both look so handsome in this interview. They look like royalty or something. lol I especially love GD's awesome hair. It's too bad TOP is wearing sunglasses :( I would have loved to see his beautiful eyes <3 <3 

Big Bang's Seungri Caught Up in Sex Scandal

Seungri from Big Bang has been caught up in a scandal in Japan.

Seungri, who is in the middle of his world tour "BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR 2012," has been featured on the September 14 issue of the Japanese weekly magazine FRIDAY.

The magazine says  that Seungri has allegedly spent the night with a 21-year-old woman living in Japan, and the woman has revealed photos of Seungri sleeping and his "habits" on the bed. (Whatever that means)

YG Entertainment has not issued any public statement so far and the artist's name is atop the list of most-searched key words on websites' search engines, including NAVER and Daum, as of Thursday afternoon.

The scandal is expected to hit hard on his bandmate G-Dragon, who is just two days away from releasing his first solo mini-album "ONE OF A KIND" online.

On Wednesday, G-Dragon began rolling out preview clips for the new release and posted the second teaser on the firm's official blog at 2 p.m. KST, about when the scandal began to spread fast online.

Should YG Entertainment admit to the rumor?

I personally don't think this is a big deal at all. i mean, come on! If this were to happen here in the US it wouldn't be news at all. So what Seungri hooked up with some hot Japanese girl! I say that's awesome for him. He is an adult and all. I just really hope it doesn't effect G Dragon's Solo release because he deserves all eyes on him for all the hard work he's put in. <3 <3

Seungri speaking English with Flo Rida

Awwww...Seungri is so cute when he speaks English. Aish....he's hyper. He seems so happy and excited to be meeting another celebrity. LOL. Still, I would love to hang with VI. And it seems like he speaks pretty good English. 

BigBang's Seungri cast in popular Japanese TV series

Seungri of K-pop boy band Big Bang is going to be appearing on a new Japanese TV show!! So excited!

Seungri will be appearing on "Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo - HongKong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case" [which is a translated title]on Nippon Television Network, according to YG Entertainment's press release Monday.

"'Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo' is famous as a TV series and a comic strip. I'm nervous to be meeting a wide audience as this is targeting a global audience but I'll do my best [to meet my fans' expectations]. I hope I'll enjoy shooting the drama," Seungri was quoted as saying.

Seungri will play the role of Kim Ryong-dong, a Korean student who studies in Hong Kong and gets accused of being a criminal in a murder case that occurred at a hotel he works at part-time.

Along with Seungri, Yamada Ryosuke of Hey! Say! JUMP and the Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit's former member Wu Chun will also make appearances on that show!

Seungri has been living in Japan for the last few months. He has been appearing as a regular on Fuji TV and he's hosting his own variety show I From Bigbang!!!

To increase his popularity in Japan, he held two sets of solo meet and greet sessions at the Shinkiba Studio Coast in Tokyo, Japan on August 26.

In the meantime, Big Bang is  in the middle of holding "BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR 2012," their first world tour opening in 25 cities in 16 countries. 

Big Bang's Alive Album Interviews (Eng Sub)

Thanks to my awesome friend on Tunblr I now have these lovely little gems on my website. They are the candid interviews Big Bang did before the release of their Alive Album. They really open up and you get to know them a lot better. 

[Engsub] Talking about Alive album [1/5]

This video is mostly snippets and commercials Big Bang have done for the Alive album

[Engsub] Talking about Alive album [2/5]

This video is G Dragon's interview. GD talks about making the album and the stuff he had to go through.

[Engsub] Talking about Alive album [3/5]

This video Taeyang's interview. He speaks about what the album Alive means to him.

[Engsub] Talking about Alive album [4/5]

Seungri talks about the album Alive and what he's been doing since Tonight was released.

[Engsub] Talking about Alive album [5/5]

Last but certainly not least is T.O.P. He tells us his thought on the Alive Album and what it means to him. 
 You Can Buy The Alive Making Collection By Clicking The Pic Underneath This Post :)

Big Bang's Alive Making Collection Series (Eng Sub)

So I was just hanging out on Tumblr like I usually do looking at pics of Big Bang then all of a sudden AHHHHHHHHHHH OMGEEZERS! Someone posted this awesome post with links to this Alive Making Collection. And let me tell ya, they are pretty Boss. Seriously, you want to see this. I'm not sure if they are new or not but hey, they are new to me! Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

[Engsub] Alive Making Collection Disc 3 [1/4]

I am watching these as I am posting them and dang they are awesome. This one starts with the Alive photoshoot for the CD booklet. And it's pretty cool. It shows them getting all iced up for their frozen looks. And then it ends with their studio practice for the Bad Boy stage choreography. Check it out! 

[Engsub] Alive Making Collection Disc 3 [2/4]

Wow, TOP has gotten so much better at dancing these last couple of years. LOL He almost blends in with the rest. This video starts with the choreography for Fantastic Baby and ends with Monster. 

[Engsub] Alive Making Collection Disc 3 [3/4]

Now that last link is some bull's actually on youtube but there is no sound!! NO SOUND>!!>!>!> How can you do this to me??!?!! This is torture!! 

Well here it is in case you want to watch it with no sound. :( :( :( :( 

[Engsub] Alive Making Collection Disc 3 [4/4]

Best K-Pop Super Group BigBang

Today I want to talk a new group\band that is sweeping the nation. They are on track to becoming the first South Koren group to have a full tour here in the States. If you don't know who I am talking about already....that sucks to be you because they are FANTASTIC BABY. Yes, I am talking about BIG BANG. (빅뱅; commonly stylized as BIGBANG) To give you some brief background info on the group they are a South Korean male band under the management of YG Entertainment. Founded in 2006, Big Bang has grown to become one of the most successful Asian acts in the world. The group consists of G-DragonT.O.PTaeyangDaesung and Seungri. 

The members' involvement in composing and producing their own music, most notably G-Dragon's, has earned the group respect and praise from music industry experts. 

When BIGBANG first started out, they had no idea what they would blow up to be. The group's turning point came with their hit song Lies, which stayed at number one on Korean charts for a record-breaking seven consecutive weeks. I even think it might of hit the US top 100. Here is the video for "Lies" with English subs so you can get the meaning of the song.

It was only about a month ago when I first heard this amazing group. The first video I ever saw by them was a live performance of "Fantastic Baby"

and from the second I saw this charismatic group hit the stage, I was a V.I.P. for life. (V.I.P.'s are what BigBang fan's call themselves.) The guys look so HOT and so SEXY and so talented! Here is that first video I saw.

Watch these videos and let me know what you think in the comments. Which member is your favorite?? My favorite is T.O.P. But we shall talk about him more later. ;) :0 :)