Big Bang's Seungri Caught Up in Sex Scandal

Seungri from Big Bang has been caught up in a scandal in Japan.

Seungri, who is in the middle of his world tour "BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR 2012," has been featured on the September 14 issue of the Japanese weekly magazine FRIDAY.

The magazine says  that Seungri has allegedly spent the night with a 21-year-old woman living in Japan, and the woman has revealed photos of Seungri sleeping and his "habits" on the bed. (Whatever that means)

YG Entertainment has not issued any public statement so far and the artist's name is atop the list of most-searched key words on websites' search engines, including NAVER and Daum, as of Thursday afternoon.

The scandal is expected to hit hard on his bandmate G-Dragon, who is just two days away from releasing his first solo mini-album "ONE OF A KIND" online.

On Wednesday, G-Dragon began rolling out preview clips for the new release and posted the second teaser on the firm's official blog at 2 p.m. KST, about when the scandal began to spread fast online.

Should YG Entertainment admit to the rumor?

I personally don't think this is a big deal at all. i mean, come on! If this were to happen here in the US it wouldn't be news at all. So what Seungri hooked up with some hot Japanese girl! I say that's awesome for him. He is an adult and all. I just really hope it doesn't effect G Dragon's Solo release because he deserves all eyes on him for all the hard work he's put in. <3 <3


Anonymous said...

Lol @ how websites are trying to pretend this is a big deal.

Colleen S. said...

I couldn't agree more. I reported on it because I wanted to say that I also don't think this is a big deal. Some of the other websites out there are trying to make VI look like some kind of criminal. That's crazy! He's just a famous young adult having some fun! People need to chill out!

Bonstanceus said...

It's not a big deal here in the US because we are pretty blasé and jaded about this stuff. The culture of Korea and Japan regarding these things is still very reserve. If you think back on the GD marijuana "scandal" where he didn't even have enough on his test to even indicate that he was a habitual user and they had him under INTENSE scrutiny. You can see how they freak out at the smallest things that might cause a scandal of any sort.

Colleen S. said...

Yes GD's supposed Marijuana scandal is a very good example of how strict the Korean and Japanese government is. They really overreact about the smallest things. GD claimed that he was at a party where people were smoking pot and that's why it was in his system. Here in America if a pop star was seeing smoking pot people wouldn't react at all. I don't even think people would care if a pop star was smoking crack. Maybe they would care but it wouldn't be some huge scandal. I personally feel sorry for Seungri. He's a young man and I think it's completely normal for him to have relations with young women. I think the VIP community will support Seungri through this scandal and he will come out on the other side just fine. Maybe even more famous?

Colleen S. said...

Great comment Bonstanceus! Thanks for sharing your point of view! :)

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