Top 5 Kpop MV's April 2014

Here's my Top 5 for the first week of April 2014


범키(BUMKEY) - 갖고놀래 Attraction) feat. Dynamic Duo

This song is super catchy. I love pretty much anything Bumkey does....his voice is so smooth and relaxing. And Dynamic Duo are two of the best rappers Korea has to offer. I especially love Gaeko, he has such a unique voice.


Crush(크러쉬)_가끔 (Sometimes)

We've all heard Crush feature on SOOO many Kpop songs from Gary to G-Dragon but finally we are graced with a single from him. In all the previous MV's he was in, his face was always darkened or covered by oversized sunglasses but this video is all about Crush. He also shows off his famous friends in the end of the MV. Sigh....I so wish I could hang with Zion T. and Jay Park.


2PM_하.니.뿐. (A.D.T.O.Y.)

YES! I know this song came out forever ago but it's new to me ok?! So get off my back! Lol. Anyway....2pm where do I start? This MV is a classic. I do have to say though, their dance moves get pretty girly sometimes. I could never see someone like Young Guk or Jay Park doing moves like that. This hook really, really gets stuck in your head so watch at your own risk. ;)


Philtre(필터) _ Last Scene(라스트 씬) (with CHOIZA) (Lil Kim)

This song is the ultimate song for relaxing or taking a bath. Choiza from Dynamic Duo does the rapping and his voice is really supreme. You can tell he's been working at writing lyrics very hard. I love it! Everything about it. Video....concept....imagery.....beat....feeling. You get it all from this MV :)


Swings(스윙스) _ Fallin' (Feat. JAY PARK(박재범))

I was not expecting to see and hear what I saw and heard from this MV. Jay Park's beautiful voice on the hook and this awesome deep voiced rapper on the verses. Wow. And make sure to turn the CC on or look up the lyrics because they are really amazing. 

So hopefully you enjoy these songs as much as I do. I will try and do this every week and introduce as much Kpop into North America as I can!! Tell me which songs are your favorite in the comments below.

Funny K-Pop Video ~~ Stupid Kpop Neighbor ~~

I came across this video while I was perusing YouTube one day and thought I would share it. I am guessing this is how my neighbors are and they hate me equally as much. LOL Sorry neighbors but I gotsta have my Kpop!! Also the dude who made this vid is pretty nice so make sure to subscribe to him and follow him on other various social like sites :) 
He goes by the name of YG KeNNy AKM

Big Bang Documentary [ENG SUB] + Trouble Maker "Now" [MV]

 I recently stumbled across this really amazing MV by a group called Trouble Maker. You might be asking yourself, what does this have to do with BigBang??....Well, I'm getting to that. 
I was watching this amazing MV by Trouble Maker called "Now\There's No Tomorrow".Click here to watch with Eng Subs
There I was, jammin' to some awesome new K-pop, and I take a closer look at the 2 singers in Trouble Maker and dang, they look familiar. 
Lead Female Singer Trouble Maker
Lead Male Singer in Trouble Maker
I decided to do some research on this new group and found out there IS a reason they both look familiar. (See, I told you I wasn't crazy Mom! The voices in my head aren't always lying. hehe)
The girl lead singer of the group sure is beautiful isn't she? Does she look familiar to you?? 
Sure, she has a different haircut and she's wearing a wig but look at that face and those suggestive naughty dances. This video vixen can only be one person.....Hyuna from Wonder Girls and 4Minute. She is also known for her cameo appearance in Psy's "Gangnam Style", Oppa Is Just My Style"
And as for that silver haired hottie in the Trouble Maker MV...doesn't he look familiar too? I know with his eyebrows dyed silver or blond or whatever they are he kinda looks like an alien....but still there's something about that face....
You might of been able to figure out who he is....either you're a smarty pants, a sasaeng fan fan, or just interested in learning more about Korean culture like I am. Ok I'm a bit of a psycho too. 
For the rest of you who maybe couldn't recognize his weird alien's Jang Hyun-Seung the lead singer from Beast. Now I personally don't really listen to Beast so I thought "this can't be where I saw him"....hmmmm so I did some more research and found out he was actually one of the original 6 who tried out and debuted as Big Bang on the show Big Bang Documentary. 
He was the member who appeared in 10 out of 11 episodes of the documentary. On one of the last episodes, he gets in a fight with Seungri about grilling meat and in the end he was XX'd out of the group. 

That is definitely where I've seen him before. Mystery solved!! Yay! Thanks for playing. And for participating in my guess who this is....your reward is watching the BigBang documentary in Eng Sub. Congratulations!!! 

I'll post more later but this is a good starting spot. :) Enjoy.