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SHINee's Key & Taemin Issue Apologies for Rude Remarks about Minho's Dark Skin

In a new clip uploaded to SHINee's YouTube channel(which has since been deleted), Key, Taemin, and Minho were having a kiki in bed when they started talking about Minho's skin tone that seems to be a hot topic lately. 

They said:

            Taemin: When I see you after you play golf, all I can see are the whites of your eyes and teeth. Seriously.
            Key: Why did you get so tanned?
            Minho: I apply so much sunscreen..
            Key: If Minho closes his eyes and mouth at night, you'll end up looking for him

Some took issue with Taemin and Key's comments about Minho's skin tone but I think they were speaking freely with no bad intentions. 

Because of all the bitching, Taemin, Key, and SHINee's content production team have released official apologies. They cited the comments as "insensitive" and "inappropriate" in their statements, and they further apologized to fans. 

Check out what happened and the apologizes below. What do you think ?