BigBang Parody Videos (Eng Sub)

BigBang Secret Garden Parody (Eng Sub)

This one is definitely my fav out of all the parodies. It's so funny. Like laugh out loud, side splitting funny. First of all there's GD as G-raim. He makes a really believable woman. And then of course T.O.P has the leading role as Kim JooTop. I love the part where T.O.P says G-Raim is not his ideal woman and then GD changes into all those outfits. WOW LOL! I think GD is sexy as hell but dang, he pulls off being a woman. He's even prettier than I am! LOL And then the scene where T.O.P starts crying as he's writing that letter.....OMG....I love T.O.P!! Oh man, and the part where Daesung is the rich lady with the water spritzer!! Smell....Smell....yes Smell. AHHHH so funny!!! This one really is a must see.

Boys Over Flowers Parody (Eng Sub)



I think this one is super funny and awesome for a number of reasons. First of all Daesung dresses up like a woman and is VERY convincing. He's hilarious! And the fake group in the parody, F4.....It's so funny to see them kind of mock the classic boy band image! All the members are looking especially hot in this video. T.O.P makes a really good villain, it's interesting that he is so convincing as a mean guy. In real life you can tell he's such a sweetie. Usually I am pretty skeptical when someone tells me members of a boy band can act....but BigBang has showed me they totally can act! And G-Dragon is so sweet in this episode. It's nice to see someone else playing the female role other than GD. Seriously, I would let T.O.P bully me like that any day! LOL I do have to point something out. Doesn't it seem like T.O.P is always doing the man on man kissing?? I mean, it doesn't bother me or anything but sheesh...can't some of the other members take a turn? I guess it's because T.O.P is the best actor and therefore always gets the lead role. I hope you enjoy watching this!! 

Big Bang Coffee Prince Parody (Eng sub)



This next parody I want to talk about is the Coffee Prince Parody which is another one of my favs. I also want to add that it's so cool that BigBang does this for their fans. It's like we get to see yet another side of the boys. So, this parody starts out with GD coming in dressed like a woman(and a damn convincing one at that). Then he\she gets a job at a coffee house with the other guys and falls in love with TOP. I think the part where GD sets the milk carton down and watches TOP sleep and wakes him up is the cutest part!! Oh, and GD's dancing when he shows his "talent" is sooo cute. And we can't forget to mention how convincing V.I. is as a woman. LOL! And once again, TOP is playing the lead role\ villain and doing a DAMN good job. I hope you enjoy!! I sure did! 
BigBang Beethoven Virus Parody Full (Eng Sub)

Now we shall talk about the Virus Parody. In this video, Seungri dresses up as a woman and he is pretty darn good at it. I love the whole concept. TOP once again plays the lead role and the main love interest of Seungri. I also really love the part where V.I. walks up to GD and asks if he wants to dance. I'm Lol'ing just thinking about it. And then they do that awesome dance to V.I.'s song. But my real absolute  favorite part is when TOP says to Daesung....old woman, do you know what you are? A piece....of....shit.... And Daesung's reaction is PRICELESS!!! It's starts at about 5 minutes into the video(that scene) and I could go back and watch it over and over again!! So funny. I hope you enjoy! 

TOP and G-Dragon in Drag – "Driver Choi" Parody
Shine A Light DVD Story


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