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It used to be really nice 
When I could be together with you
Sometimes even when I was lonely and sad
If I can be together with you
Sing it na na na
This isn’t the end for us
Please let’s meet again when the flowers bloom

Sometimes funny things happen a lot
You met someone so undeserving like me
Will you be able to love someone again?
I don’t think it would happen if it wasn’t for you
If my footsteps led me unconsciously
A ray of your light shone on me dazzlingly
A pretty flower road where I can feel a vibration
That’s where I was able to stand because of you, Roly poly toy

If you’re going to leave, I’ll let you go
I’ll spread flowers on the way you go

If you miss me, come back to me
Love me when you’re back
Rest for a while along the flower path
And wait for me there

It was really nice at first
If I could be with you
Even though I was sometimes sad and lonely
If I could be with you
I cried a lot but there were lots of times I laughed
This too shall pass
So I’ll see you next time when flowers bloom

365 days in a year, the only one in the world
You are the Motive in my music, the person who enlightens me
I used to come up with lyrics while leaning on your gigantic flower garden
I still remember it vividly, boom boom
The color of the blooming flowers is ten thousand
Infinite deep vibrations, Vivaldi’s four seasons
You are still the picture that I can’t hold in my heart
I still doubt my eyes, You are my Magical Queen

If you’re going to leave, I’ll let you go
I’ll spread flowers on the way you go

If you miss me, come back to me
Love me when you’re back
Rest for a while along the flower path
And wait for me there

I pick the flowers and kiss them and I blush
I lay the flowers into a path and I prepare the path for you to come back

If you miss me, come back to me
Love me when you’re back

Rest for a while along the flower path
And wait for me there

I pick the flowers and kiss them and I blush
I lay the flowers into a path and I prepare
Wait for me there

Big Bang Documentary [ENG SUB] + Trouble Maker "Now" [MV]

 I recently stumbled across this really amazing MV by a group called Trouble Maker. You might be asking yourself, what does this have to do with BigBang??....Well, I'm getting to that. 
I was watching this amazing MV by Trouble Maker called "Now\There's No Tomorrow".Click here to watch with Eng Subs
There I was, jammin' to some awesome new K-pop, and I take a closer look at the 2 singers in Trouble Maker and dang, they look familiar. 
Lead Female Singer Trouble Maker
I decided to do some research on this new group and found out there IS a reason they both look familiar. (See, I told you I wasn't crazy Mom! The voices in my head aren't always lying. hehe)
The girl lead singer of the group sure is beautiful isn't she? Does she look familiar to you?? 
Sure, she has a different haircut and she's wearing a wig but look at that face and those suggestive naughty dances. This video vixen can only be one person.....Hyuna from Wonder Girls and 4Minute. She is also known for her cameo appearance in Psy's "Gangnam Style", Oppa Is Just My Style"
And as for that silver haired hottie in the Trouble Maker MV...doesn't he look familiar too? I know with his eyebrows dyed silver or blond or whatever he kinda looks like a beautiful alien....but still there's something about that face....
You might of been able to figure out who he is....either you're a smarty pants, a sasaeng fan, or just interested in learning more about Korean culture like I am. Ok I'm a little psycho too. 
For the rest of you who maybe couldn't recognize his beautiful's Jang Hyun-Seung the lead singer from Beast. Now I personally don't really listen to Beast so I thought "this can't be where I saw him"....hmmmm so I did some more research and found out he was actually one of the original 6 who tried out and debuted as Big Bang on the show Big Bang Documentary. 
He was the member who appeared in 10 out of 11 episodes of the documentary. On one of the last episodes, he gets in a fight with Seungri about grilling meat and in the end he was XX'd out of the group. 

That is definitely where I've seen him before. Mystery solved!! Yay! Thanks for playing. And for participating in my guess who this is....your reward is watching the BigBang documentary in Eng Sub. Congratulations!!! 

I'll post more later but this is a good starting spot. :) Enjoy.

To purchase Trouble Maker album click below.

BigBang Fuse Interview English Sub



K-Pop group BigBang talks to Fuse

They both look so handsome in this interview. They look like royalty or something. lol I especially love GD's awesome hair. It's too bad TOP is wearing sunglasses :( I would have loved to see his beautiful eyes <3 <3 

Who is TABLO and What Makes Him So Special? ["Fevers End" Review, Lyrics, Photos, Videos]

I've only really gotten into K-Pop over the last 9 months. Before that I really never ever considered there might be music I like in Korean, since I don't speak any Korean. And, It's only been a mere 2 months since I first heard Tablo's smooth, relaxed flow for the first time. Now, I'm totally hooked. Well, I shouldn't say the first time....technically I first heard him in G-Dragon's "Light It Up"...but I had no idea who this Tablo person was then. 

I can now confidently say he is in my top 10 rappers of all time regardless of language. And Korean Rappers....He is in my top 3 right alongside GD and TOP. 

The first time I listened to Tablo's solo album, "Fevers End", I felt a wide range of emotions. 
(Note: Most of this album is in Korean) 

Then, I listened to the album again and read along with the lyrics translated to English
(Which you also can read by clicking here)
*BOOM* My head was blown. 
I went on a roller coaster of emotions with Tablo through the whole album. It starts with the enchanting and angelic track "Home" which has such a haunting, beautiful tone to it. 
You can listen HERE.
Some songs on the album are upbeat and make me feel happy while others are more chill and melancholy and make me feel completely at ease while I'm listening. 

My favorite track has got to be "Try".  
In an interview, Tablo explains that this track was the hardest to record because it has so much personal meaning to him. Now that's a real artist. 

Pouring his heart out through his music which seems to transcend language. 
Watch Fevers End Commentary by Tablo Here ENG SUB 
I listen to the whole album at least once a day. I never thought I'd be able to find a KPop group that even began to measure up to how unique and amazing BigBang and G-Dragon are......but Tablo is definitely right up there with them. 
If you haven't already.....go listen to Fevers End ALL THE WAY through! If you don't fall in love with Tablo immediately...there's something wrong with you LoL JK. Also check out Tablo's band\group Epik High. Just click the links below and give it a shot. You'll love it!  
Youtube Video Links To Some Good Epik High:
Don't Hate Me 
EPIK HIGH - UP (ft. Bom of 2NE1) M/V

G Dragon on Infinity Challenge ENG SUBS








G-Dragon "That XX" Ranks Number 1 on Gaon Chart, First For a Song With Censored Material

G-Dragon's "That XX" ranked number 1 on the September Gaon Chart.

It has been announced that G-Dragon's "That XX" reached the top of the Gaon Chart for the month of September! This is the first time a 19 and over song has reached the number 1 spot.

Last year, LeeSSang's (리쌍) "Turn off the TV" made number 1, but it was labeled a 19 and over song after it ranked number 1. G-Dragon's song ranked number 1 even though it was labeled as a mature content song from the beginning. 

I think GD deserves the number 1 spot. His album is amazing!! Also, if you are interested in buying the One of a Kind T-shirt, tank top, hat, or pillow....check out this awesome K-pop merch site 
They have the most amazing t-shirts there that are very high quality. Tell them American K-pop sent ya. :) 


Check out this awesome performance at the GD & Friends Live Show. GD and Lydia sound beautiful together. I really love this song and it's cool to watch live :) 

If for some reason the video doesn't work 
Click HERE

BigBang’s G-Dragon Holds ‘GD Style’ Cover Contest

Every time G-Dragon comes out with a new album or video or even makes a television appearance, he shocks and amazing us with his truly "One of a Kind" style and his chart topping music making ability.

So in collaboration with fashion magazine Nylon, G-Dragon is asking all the stylish people out there to recreate his fashion and they could win a special prize.
For more information on this contest, visit G-Dragon's Facebook page Here or watch the video below. 
If the video doesn't work, try this LINK

G-Dragon's First Performance of "That XX" with Jung Sung Ha and "Crayon" On Inkigayo

Popular artist G-Dragon has recently collaborated with Jung Sung Ha to perform a special live of “That XX” on ‘Inkigayo‘!
Jung Sung Ha is famous on YouTube because of his exceptional guitar and ukulele skills. His videos have more than 540 million views and he recently collaborated with 2NE1.
Today G-Dragon tweeted that he will be performing "그 XX (That XX)" with Sungha Jung today on Inkigayo. Along with the tweet is an attached instagram photo of the two giving off a close friendly vibe.
YG Entertainment stated, “With Jung Sung Ha’s acoustic guitar skills, we are excited to deliver a fun and fresh performance with this collaborative performance of G-Dragon’s “That XX”, a song which fans have only heard on record. The two have been vigorously rehearsing for this ‘Inkigayo’ stage!”

G-Dragon's "Infinity Challenge" Preview

G-Dragon will be a guest on the ‘Infinity Company‘ special for next week’s episode of MBC‘s ‘Infinity Challenge‘! 
In the upcoming episode, G-Dragon plays a rookie recruit alongside the other employees. The goal of the episode will be to make President Yoo laugh even though he says, “I hate laughing when it’s not funny.” The company workers will wage a war against each other trying to make him laugh, and the rookie recruiting story will run at the same time.
G-Dragon will experience an intense rookie lifestyle, but the episode also features his strike back during the company dinner and the time where he’s allowed to talk disrespectfully towards his higher ranking co-workers.

G-Dragon's Interview With 10Asia

G-Dragon sat down with the magazine at YG Entertainment's Seoul office on Wednesday and opened up about his new album.

Q The intro tune “ONE OF A KIND” is rather an experimental genre in the mainstream K-pop music scene. Did you have a special reason for choosing hip-hop this time?
A Well, I’ve been doing it since I was very young and it’s what I’m best at. I think it’ll stay that way. Being in Big Bang and being solo are two different things. Big Bang is a big group that should appeal to wider audience, whereas making music for myself is a chance for me to do some experimental things. I’m doing what I’ve been dreaming of since young, and whatever I do [though it may seem strange and unfamiliar sometimes], people are beginning to accept that this is who I am.

Q Any reason for choosing a bible-like album design?
A I’ve made several albums all in different designs. Bibles, or old books, have this mythical feeling. I felt there’s a special energy in bibles and wanted my album to have that feeling. The biblical expressions I used in the lyrics were just adaptations from the actual passage.
Q You always bring something new. Your name entails the keyword, “New.” What’s new in your album and tracks?
A I got rid of the pressure to do something fresh and new. I admit that I was pressured by it even till the last album but now I wonder, ‘Does it have to be new?’ Whether I bring out solo singles or Big Bang songs, I don’t think I should differentiate the color itself. If the song’s good, it’s good. That’s all that matters……The tracks are mixed with different genres. Hip-hop has many other sub-genres like a slow rhythmic hip-hop and a mix-up with electronic music like “CRAYON.” I try to find some fun with the ingredients I have.

Q “CRAYON” as the album’s title song, instead of “ONE OF A KIND,” which is also the name of the album.
A From the beginning of making “ONE OF A KIND,” I knew I was going to use it as the intro tune. It’s the first song I made for the record, and since the title has a good meaning I thought it’ll be nice to name the album as “ONE OF A KIND. The title fits well with what I wanted to express through the album. That is, above all other things, to make people feel that this is something that no other people can do, except G-Dragon. Something only I can do.

Q This is your first solo effort in three years and you must have a lot of emotions and ideas to bring out. Were you able to express all that? Out of 100, how much are you satisfied with the result?
A 88......The number eight is meaningful for me. I had eight concepts for the album as well [G-Dragon was born on August 18, 1988].

Q Your inspiration to people comes not only from your music but fashion. Of all the fashion styles in the music video for “CRAYON,” which one is your favorite?
A It’s hard to pick one. I just wore what I’ve been wanted to wear, just like how I do in making music. Things like I’ve seen or couldn’t wear before, you know? Like the outfit that makes me look like a Frankenstein from the clip. That’s a showpiece from one of the designers I like. He actually gave it to me in person. The design is really nice but dancing in it was quite hilarious.

Q Was the short skirt one of the outfits that you’ve always wanted to wear? (laugh)
A I purposely wore that to look funny. I was trying to direct the music video with some comic scenes, from a Pinocchio to a lady. But the back shot is not me. I don’t know why it got so controversial. That’s one of my backup dancers. I’m telling you again, that’s not me! (laugh)
Q You show different versions of yourself through characters in “CRAYON” music video. Of course, that must have been set to suit the whole concept, but what does it exactly mean?
A Yeah the stories are kind of jumbled together. What I had intended to express is a crazy person seeing things in a dream. It’s about an insane man going through different scenes in his dream and for that I needed to play so many different characters. We actually had more to show than what’s in the video now. Because the title “CRAYON” brings up the image of something colorful, I wanted people to feel that different characters and colors, and think that I was just crazy. I really like how it came out. In contrast, the music video for “ONE OF A KIND” has a sort of controlled emotions. For “That XX,” I played a double role to visualize that dreamlike feeling.

Q You’re only 25 now. In "CRAYON," you sing, “I’m an inspiration to people who have lost a sense of passion or inspiration.” I have to say, that’s a pretty confident remark for your age. How do you want to inspire people?
A I grew up thinking that I want to become an artist like Seo Taeji & Boys, DUEX and Roo'Ra. That simple admiration led me to become a musician. Like the fresh impression I got from those Korean singers, I want people to be shocked to see a young-aged idol [doing well in the music scene]. I want them to think, “If he can do it, why can’t I?”

Q “Why so serious.” Are you saying that to yourself or other people?
A Both. I leave the interpretation to the listeners. [Thinking hard] I’m just who I am and I express what I want to show. But sometimes people exaggerate things and misunderstand the things I do. I’m just doing what I like and people can just enjoy it. There’s nothing more than that. “Why so serious” is a bit like satirical message to people who like to argue and make issues for nothing. That line by Joker also encourages me. I just love it. He’s a villain, and scary, but he’s saying something to the world. I think he’s much cooler than the batman.
Q In the first solo album, “Heartbreaker,” you sang about the pains and sorrows you had as a boy. “ONE OF A KIND” sings about break-ups quite emotionally. Did you make that change to appeal to the general public? You said in a past interview that you want to make a song that people don’t get tired of listening to.
A I’m a pop artist so I’d have to make the general public comfortable when they listen to my music. Apart from how I’m seen on stage, my music has to be easy to approach and gives comfort to people. So I try to think it more simply, but that’s the hardest part. Yang [YG Entertainment C.E.O Yang Hyun-suk] finalizes the track order and it seems like he’s focusing on the flow of the tracks, like a concert or a movie. The song begins with a grand start, flows smoothly, reaches the climax and slowly draws out.

Q Do you think you’re cooler on the stage or off the stage?
A On the stage of course! I don’t think I’m that cool off the stage. I have so many flaws and I think myself as a kid. But… I literally rock on stage. (haha)

Q The phrase “wild and young” repeats in “ONE OF A KIND.” It seems like it’s like a moto for you. Do you think you have something to polish from the wild side?
A Probably yes. First, I love that phrase. It’s the motto of my life. But it’s a bit difficult to go extreme in this culture. There’s a boundary for going wild and I’ve gotten used to that. I’m silently fighting with that boundary, but that never comes out in action. I do worry about how and what I’ll do next in the future. But for now I’m doing things I like without any problem so far. So far. Yes.

Q You’re literally “young and rich” [the rap lyrics in "ONE OF A KIND"]. Some pople think that you’re at the peak point of your career. Since you just mentioned that you worry about your success, how do you see yourself in the future, career-wise?
A Like I always say, you never know what’s going to happen. This could be the start, or could be the end point [of massive popularity]. If people think that I’ve reached my limit, then I’d compliment myself for doing well. If I were at the peak point, then that means I’ve made my dream come true at an earlier age than average people. This means that I have nothing to lose, and can dream a bigger dream. Though I can’t foresee the future, I prepare a lot for whatever is to come. I think I’m crazy when I look at myself these days. I can see myself going wild and mad on stage. We [himself and other YG Entertainment officials] really like that. That crazy energy just erupts when I’m standing on the stage. It’s like… something’s about to break out from inside. But again, I don’t know how long that energy will last so I’m doing my best when I can. When people don’t get inspired by my music and style, I think that’s about time when I should get off the limelight and support other musicians grow. Right now, that energy is just overflowing.

Q Starting to dream about becoming a singer and reaching that goal all happened comparatively at an early age for you. You’ve gone through so many ups and downs to get here and must have had time to focus on yourself when preparing for the solo album. How much proportion does “Kwon Ji-yong” [G-Dragon’s Korean name] have in G-Dragon’s life?
A Just 2 or 3 years ago, Taeyang and I often discussed about whether we’re on the right track or what we should do if we fall on the way. My conclusion is, this is just who I am. I can’t separate Kwon Ji-yong and G-Dragon’s life. My job is to bridge that gap in between the two. If I were to separate my life as G-Dragon and Kwon, I’d be very sad and devastated. Admitting that this is something I’ve been doing since young and what I’m good at, I’m happy. I want to tell myself, “You’re doing well.” (laugh)

Source: Monica Suk @ 10Asia

G-Dragon Clarifies He's NOT a Cross-Dresser

G-Dragon (The leader of Big Bang) made a guest appearance on the September 19th episode of KBS 2FM‘s ‘Yoo In Na’s Raise the Volume‘.

Recently G Dragon released the Crayon video. In one part you see a woman standing and then she turns around to reveal it's actually G-Dragon himself. This made fans have a lot of questions like 'was that really GD's body' and 'if not, then who was that woman?'. On the radio program, G Dragon finally cleared up all the confusion. He confessed “I actually didn’t look that great when I dressed up as a woman. The back view in the music video isn’t me… It’s my face when I turn around but my body doesn’t look like that.”

Me personally, I never thought for a second that was actually G Dragon. I mean, that woman has a really REALLY nice body. I remember thinking to myself 'if that's really GD, then he is totally hotter than me!'. Well, now we have all that cleared up LOL. Let's go watch the video again!! 

G-dragon’s ‘One of a Kind’ Countdown Live (ENG SUB)

I've been waiting forever for them to upload this video. I watched it without the Eng Subs once but it just wasn't the same because I couldn't understand anything. Anyway, this video is really cool because he shows you the difference between the Gold and Bronze albums and all the pictures that come inside it. Personally, I think I like cover of the Bronze Album and the pictures inside the Gold album. So, I still don't know which one to get.

You can buy G-Dragon's Album One Of A Kind by clicking the picture below



WOW! That's all I can say right now. I'm kinda in shock. That was so amazing. This has to be the best MV I've ever seen. GD, you've really outdone yourself this time. I can't wait to see the reaction videos!!

You can watch the Eng sub video here

G-DRAGON Inkigayo Comeback Special ONE OF A KIND

Here is his first performance of the night, One of a Kind. And it was AWESOME! Wow, this second comeback of his is really amazing. I am in love with this new album. The only problem I have with it is it's too short with only 6 songs. I need more!! 

Or Click Here To Watch on Youtube

G-DRAGON Inkigayo Comeback Special CRAYON (크레용)

G Dragon's comeback special on Inkigayo was AWESOME! Everything I expected it to be....expect for complete. I want his official MV release to happen now!!

G-Dragon “MISSING YOU” Lyrics English

G-Dragon “MISSING YOU” Lyrics Translations
Yeah (maybe I’m missing you) 
I meet ordinary people and talk to them, 
laugh with them, 
just like usual, without any thoughts.

TV is my only friend at night, 
I finally go to sleep when the sun rises in the morning.
I’m too shabby, I might have liked you a lot.

After you left, the blue sky seems like it’s just yellow. When you are feeling hurt, I’m here.
Or maybe you’re in love with someone else, 
Some other love, 
I miss you my baby

My heart feels this sad but I have no one to talk to. 
I wanna smile sometimes but have no one beside me. 
Maybe I’m missing you.
Back then, We were like that. 
Between you and me, it was all clear and pure.
First it was all about love, just like everyone says, 
Why did we do that?

(But) As time goes, like glass breaking, 
Like the ring in hands losing its light, 
Like getting a cut by a sharp knife, 
Like strangling my neck with the chain of restriction

The memories that I have with you which I thought, They’re gonna always be good,
Though I hate it, 
Only the wounds and unresolved misunderstandings are left. 
I needed to hold back till the end, 
The words of “I’m breaking up with you”
(Yet) The times we fought and argued, 
It was better than now.

I still feel like you’re next to me everyday when I open my eyes, 
Can’t we turn the times back to when we were together 
AH- AH- 


G Dragon "Today" (English Hangul Lyrics)

Today I talk as if nothing’s wrong again
I say I don’t have a girlfriend as I secretly turn off my phone
Please stop asking tonight I just want to be comforted by you
And keep it secret so that the other girl can never hear
Yeah when I first saw you  
I couldn’t see anyone else 

Told myself that even my girl didn’t exist just for today
Is this enjoyment? 
What is this?
It just looked like that

So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.
Today free like the wind I’m rockin’ my life away

I gave you my heart, saying I was lonely again today
Saying that I don’t like being alone 
Leaning and lingering

Saying that I broke up with the person I love and that you’re my new girl
Is my girl who’s waiting asleep by now?

Outside the dawn sky is dark 
Let’s just rest here
Lapapapampam let it ring 
I fell in so deep I can’t come back out
I’m gonna go back to her tomorrow

So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.
Today free like the wind I’m rockin’ my life away

Yea..hey baby.. I got something to tell you. 
You know..
Even looking back what I did was too much, 
in the beginning it was innocent, 
later I could die from having so much fun 
but it was empty

That girl was upset once she knew the truth, 
It was really clumsy with all the excuses
I hesitated with how I talked, 
say the truth, how could I say this? 
Do I just say that just you is not enough?
My heart is now a love room today, visitors are free

So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.
Today free like the wind I’m rockin’ my life away
So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.
Today free like the wind I’m rockin’ my life away
So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.

Today free like the wind I’m rockin’ my life away

난 오늘도 아무렇지 않게 얘길 하죠
여자친군 없다고 말하며 몰래 전화길 끄고
이 밤은 너에게 위로를 받고 싶어 더 이상은 묻지 말아줘
그녀에겐 절대로 들리지 않게 비밀로 하고
Yeah 널 처음 본 순간 no more 아무것도 보이지 않았고
내 여자도 오늘만은 없다 가정하고
무엇이 날 또 홀린 거야 이럼 안돼 알아 외도인 거야
Enjoy인 거야? 무슨 소리인 거야 그냥 그렇게만 보인거야

So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.
Today 난 바람처럼 자유롭게 I’m rockin’ my life away

난 오늘도 외롭다며 이내 맘을 주죠
혼자 있는게 싫다 괜한 여운을 남겨 기대고
사랑하는 사람과 헤어지고 새로운 만남은 너라고
나를 기다리고 있는 내 그녀는 잠이 들고 있을까요
바깥 새벽 하늘은 캄캄해 여기서 잠깐 쉬고 가자 한 밤의
울려라 라파파팜팜 너무 깊게 빠져서 헤어나올 수 없어도
내일이면 돌아갈 거야 그녀에게

So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.
Today 난 바람처럼 자유롭게 I’m rockin’ my life away

Yea.. hey baby.. I got something to tell you. You know..
내가 봐도 해도 내가 너무했지 첨엔 뭐 순했지 나중엔 즐겼어 죽였어 but 허무했지
그녀는 억울해했지 사실 알고 나니 써늘했지 그것도 아주 많이 변명만 늘어놔 어눌했지
내 말투가 난 머뭇댔지 솔직히 말해 그걸 어떻게 말해? 너 하나론 부족해 뭐 이렇게 말해?
내 맘 속 가득한 사랑방 today, 손님은 for free

So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.
Today 난 바람처럼 자유롭게 I’m rockin’ my life away
So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.
Today 난 바람처럼 자유롭게 I’m rockin’ my life away
So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.
Today 난 바람처럼 자유롭게 I’m rockin’ my life away

Nan oneuldo amureohji anhke yaegil hajyo

Yeojachingun eobdago malhamyeo molrae jeonhwagil kkeugo
I bameun neo-ege wiroreul badgo sipheo deo isangeun mudji marajwo
geunyeo-egen jeoldaero deulriji anhke bimilro hago
Yeah neol cheoum bon sungan no more amugetdo boiji anhatgo
Nae yeojado oneulmaneun eobda gajeonghago
Mueoti nal ddeo holrin geoya ireom andwae ara woido-in geoya
Enjoy-in geoya? Museun sori-in geoya geunyang geureohgeman boingeoya

So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.
Today nan baramcheoreom jayurobge I’m rockin’ my life away

Nan oneuldo woirobdamyeo inae mameul jujyo
Honja itneunge sirhda gwaenhan yeouneul namgyeo gidaego
Saranghaneun saramgwa he-eojigo saeroun mannameun neorago
Nareul gidarigo itneun nae geunyeoneun hami deulgo isseulkkayo
Bakkat saebyeok haneuleun kamkamhae yeogiseo jamkkan swigo gaja han bam-eui
Ulryeora rapapapampam neomu gipge bbajyeoseo he-eonaol su eobseodo
Naeilimyeon dolagal geoya geunyeoege

So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.
Today nan baramcheoreom jayurobge I’m rockin’ my life away

Yea.. hey baby.. I got something to tell you. You know..
Naega bwado haedo naega neomuhaetji chamen mwo sunhaetji najungen jeulgyeosseo jukyeosseo but heomuhetju
Geunyeoneun eokulhaehaetji sasil algo nani sseoneulhaetji geugotdo aju manhi byeonmyeongman neuleonwa eonulhaetji
Nae maltuga nan meomutdaetji soljikhi malhae geugeol eoddeohke malhae? Neo hanaron bujokhae mwo ireohke malhae?
Nae mam sok gadeukhan sarangbang today, sonnimeun for free

So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.
Today nan baramcheoreom jayurobge I’m rockin’ my life away
So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.
Today nan baramcheoreom jayurobge I’m rockin’ my life away