G-Dragon “MISSING YOU” Lyrics English

G-Dragon “MISSING YOU” Lyrics Translations
Yeah (maybe I’m missing you) 
I meet ordinary people and talk to them, 
laugh with them, 
just like usual, without any thoughts.

TV is my only friend at night, 
I finally go to sleep when the sun rises in the morning.
I’m too shabby, I might have liked you a lot.

After you left, the blue sky seems like it’s just yellow. When you are feeling hurt, I’m here.
Or maybe you’re in love with someone else, 
Some other love, 
I miss you my baby

My heart feels this sad but I have no one to talk to. 
I wanna smile sometimes but have no one beside me. 
Maybe I’m missing you.
Back then, We were like that. 
Between you and me, it was all clear and pure.
First it was all about love, just like everyone says, 
Why did we do that?

(But) As time goes, like glass breaking, 
Like the ring in hands losing its light, 
Like getting a cut by a sharp knife, 
Like strangling my neck with the chain of restriction

The memories that I have with you which I thought, They’re gonna always be good,
Though I hate it, 
Only the wounds and unresolved misunderstandings are left. 
I needed to hold back till the end, 
The words of “I’m breaking up with you”
(Yet) The times we fought and argued, 
It was better than now.

I still feel like you’re next to me everyday when I open my eyes, 
Can’t we turn the times back to when we were together 
AH- AH- 



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