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SHINee's Key & Taemin Issue Apologies for Rude Remarks about Minho's Dark Skin

In a new clip uploaded to SHINee's YouTube channel(which has since been deleted), Key, Taemin, and Minho were having a kiki in bed when they started talking about Minho's skin tone that seems to be a hot topic lately. 

They said:

            Taemin: When I see you after you play golf, all I can see are the whites of your eyes and teeth. Seriously.
            Key: Why did you get so tanned?
            Minho: I apply so much sunscreen..
            Key: If Minho closes his eyes and mouth at night, you'll end up looking for him

Some took issue with Taemin and Key's comments about Minho's skin tone but I think they were speaking freely with no bad intentions. 

Because of all the bitching, Taemin, Key, and SHINee's content production team have released official apologies. They cited the comments as "insensitive" and "inappropriate" in their statements, and they further apologized to fans. 

Check out what happened and the apologizes below. What do you think ?

K-Pop Scandal: G-Dragon ‘Dry Humps’ Dancer On Stage?

 Korean pop star G-Dragon (of Big Bang) was accused of “dry humping” a dancer on a stand-up bed during the song “Breathe” at his “Shine A Light” concert.
When the pictures, like the one above, hit the internet, netizens went crazy.
It’s become such an issue that the South Korean government decided to step in and investigate the incident. If GD loses the case, he faces a fine and up to a year in prison. 
Fans have started a petition to support the pop star and to show him that we don't care what he did and think he did nothing wrong!

YG Entertainment, G-Dragon’s label, released an apology but other than that, no one involved with the incident has spoken about what happened.
The dancer being “dry humped” on stage by G-Dragon is Aimee Lee Lucas. Even though she's not Korean, Aimee works as a dancer & choreographer for YG Entertainment.
She’s appeared in numerous concerts and videos with artists like TaeYang and Big Bang. Here she is as the lead female dancer in Big Bang’s “Number One” video:
When Aimee performed the “Breathe” number with G-Dragon, it was just another dance and she didn't even think twice about it. She flew back to L.A. the morning after the last concert thinking everything went perfectly and without a hitch. By the time she landed, all of Korea was outraged and talking about the incident that happened.

“I was shocked when I heard what was happening,” Aimee says. “We performed two shows on a Saturday and Sunday. All the VIPs and big people came out on Saturday and no one said anything. During rehearsals, no one told us we were going too far and should hold back. So the reaction was surprising.”

The interesting part is at first all the comments were directed at Aimee. Saying things like "what was she thinking" and "how could she do that"! But once fans found out who she was, an american, all the negative comments stopped.

During the whole controversy, everyone associated with the dance number, from G-Dragon to Mr.YG, has been vilified—except Aimee who is not facing any of the charges, fines or jail time.

“I think it’s because I’m American,” she says. “ I've
 been told from the start that I’ll be treated differently because I’m American and that’s been the case.”

Here’s a clip of the supposed "scandal". Judge for yourself if you think it’s obscene:

Lets put this whole "controversy" into context. One must first understand the K-Pop scene. If Big Bang is like the Korean N’Sync with its more innocent and tween friendly music, G-Dragon is its Justin Timberlake—pursuing a solo career to explore more “adult” subject matter. 

His first solo album “Heartbreaker” was deemed inappropriate for children because of the lyrical content of several songs like “She’s Gone” (sample offensive lyric: “If I can’t have you, I’ll kill you.”)

The songs are pretty tame by American standards. The content of an American pop song like Justin Timberlake’s “Rock Your Body” is downright pornographic compared to G-Dragon’s music. 

If that all happened because of his first solo album, I can only imagine what's going on now because of That XX! I personally think it's awesome he's standing up for freedom of speech. Then again, this is South Korea and they are very different from us. 

What do you think?