‘The Alumni’, Starring Big Bang’s T.O.P, Finds New Director and Resumes Filming

The filming of movie Big Bang’s T.O.P is starring in is set to resume once more.

Production on The Alumni, the spy thriller movie starring Big Bang’s T.O.P, originally came to a halt falling the departure of the previous director Park Shin Woo because of creative differences with the movie’s production agency. 

However, after a two week break, the movie has settled on a new director, Park Hong Soo, and will resume filming in the coming days. Park Hong Soo is a veteran director who previously served as an assistant director for movies such as Secret Reunion and All About My Wife

The Alumni, stars T.O.P, Jo Sung Ha, Han Yeri, Yoon Jae Moon, and other renowned stars and is about a boy who is forced to become a North Korean spy to save his family. 

Photo Credit: The Lamp


Unknown said...

Does the movie just started filming???
when will it be showing? do you know?
i hope you wont mined me asking thts becoz i just found out the TOP had a new movie again, i was jst curious... :)
tnx for the info.. xoxo

Colleen S. said...

Hello! This movie did not just start filming. On August 10th the first photos were taken of T.O.P. on the set of Alumni. They haven't really said when they will be releasing this movie for everyone to watch.

Of course I don't mind you asking. Ask anything you want!!!

Here's another article on the subject

:) VIP :)

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