Who is TABLO and What Makes Him So Special? ["Fevers End" Review, Lyrics, Photos, Videos]

I've only really gotten into K-Pop over the last 9 months. Before that I really never ever considered there might be music I like in Korean, since I don't speak any Korean. And, It's only been a mere 2 months since I first heard Tablo's smooth, relaxed flow for the first time. Now, I'm totally hooked. Well, I shouldn't say the first time....technically I first heard him in G-Dragon's "Light It Up"...but I had no idea who this Tablo person was then. 

I can now confidently say he is in my top 10 rappers of all time regardless of language. And Korean Rappers....He is in my top 3 right alongside GD and TOP. 

The first time I listened to Tablo's solo album, "Fevers End", I felt a wide range of emotions. 
(Note: Most of this album is in Korean) 

Then, I listened to the album again and read along with the lyrics translated to English
(Which you also can read by clicking here)
*BOOM* My head was blown. 
I went on a roller coaster of emotions with Tablo through the whole album. It starts with the enchanting and angelic track "Home" which has such a haunting, beautiful tone to it. 
You can listen HERE.
Some songs on the album are upbeat and make me feel happy while others are more chill and melancholy and make me feel completely at ease while I'm listening. 

My favorite track has got to be "Try".  
In an interview, Tablo explains that this track was the hardest to record because it has so much personal meaning to him. Now that's a real artist. 

Pouring his heart out through his music which seems to transcend language. 
Watch Fevers End Commentary by Tablo Here ENG SUB 
I listen to the whole album at least once a day. I never thought I'd be able to find a KPop group that even began to measure up to how unique and amazing BigBang and G-Dragon are......but Tablo is definitely right up there with them. 
If you haven't already.....go listen to Fevers End ALL THE WAY through! If you don't fall in love with Tablo immediately...there's something wrong with you LoL JK. Also check out Tablo's band\group Epik High. Just click the links below and give it a shot. You'll love it!  
Youtube Video Links To Some Good Epik High:
Don't Hate Me 
EPIK HIGH - UP (ft. Bom of 2NE1) M/V


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