Big Bang's TV Appearances [ENG]

Strong Heart YG Family Special

Strong Heart Family Special Part 1

Strong Heart Family Special Part 2

Strong Heart Family Special Part 3
This is my personal favorite TV appearance they have done. There aren't very many appearances where T.O.P. has the mint hair. I love this video for so many reasons. V.I. finally gets to talk and you really get to see his personality. T.O.P. tells that story about his childhood. How cute was that??! And I love when he says SHOW TIME! That still makes me laugh every time I see it. If you haven't seen it yet..CHECK IT OUT! 

Go Show With Big Bang

ENG] Bigbang on Go Show [1/4]

Big Bang TV Episode 2 Here is another video I really liked watching. This is them filming the Bad Boy video. I especially love this video so it was really fun to watch them make it.

Big Bang TV Episode 1

Here is the making of the Blue video which I also really loved. I think you will enjoy this one :) 

YG On Air 4- Big Bang & 2NE1 
This video was really awesome! It shows them preparing for a show in Osaka. And poor GD has a hurt leg. V.I. and T.O.P look as cool as always preparing for the show. Wow, there are so many people at their concerts. I wonder if they play in more intimate settings? 2NE1 does an awesome acoustic set at the end too! 
This video is mostly 2NE1. AT 5:38 seconds it switches to Big Bang. They are getting ready to go on stage. It's pretty cool. 
This video is mostly 2NE1 through the first half and Big Bang at the end. YG On Air 

YG On Air Episode 2

YG ON AIR_Episode 2

Here is another video where you can get to know the members of Big Bang better. I loved watching this and I watched it over and over again. lol. 
Big Bang Come to Play

[ENG SUB] Big Bang @ Come To Play 

Here are some very old videos that came out around the time Big Bang came out. It starts with them on some kind of variety show which is really fun to watch. They battle against different experts and compete to win prizes. Then for some reason the show switches to some sort of dating show. I was kinda confused why it switched for not reason.....but it was still really fun to watch. 
Big Bang KM Idol World

Big Bang-Km Idol World Ep.1(1/5)SUBBED

Big Bang-Km Idol World Ep.1(2/5)SUBBED

Big Bang-Km Idol World Ep.1(3/5)SUBBED

Big Bang-Km Idol World Ep.1(4/5)SUBBED

Big Bang-Km Idol World Ep.1(5/5)SUBBED


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