Big Bang's Alive Album Interviews (Eng Sub)

Thanks to my awesome friend on Tunblr I now have these lovely little gems on my website. They are the candid interviews Big Bang did before the release of their Alive Album. They really open up and you get to know them a lot better. 

[Engsub] Talking about Alive album [1/5]

This video is mostly snippets and commercials Big Bang have done for the Alive album

[Engsub] Talking about Alive album [2/5]

This video is G Dragon's interview. GD talks about making the album and the stuff he had to go through.

[Engsub] Talking about Alive album [3/5]

This video Taeyang's interview. He speaks about what the album Alive means to him.

[Engsub] Talking about Alive album [4/5]

Seungri talks about the album Alive and what he's been doing since Tonight was released.

[Engsub] Talking about Alive album [5/5]

Last but certainly not least is T.O.P. He tells us his thought on the Alive Album and what it means to him. 
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