G-Dragon Clarifies He's NOT a Cross-Dresser

G-Dragon (The leader of Big Bang) made a guest appearance on the September 19th episode of KBS 2FM‘s ‘Yoo In Na’s Raise the Volume‘.

Recently G Dragon released the Crayon video. In one part you see a woman standing and then she turns around to reveal it's actually G-Dragon himself. This made fans have a lot of questions like 'was that really GD's body' and 'if not, then who was that woman?'. On the radio program, G Dragon finally cleared up all the confusion. He confessed “I actually didn’t look that great when I dressed up as a woman. The back view in the music video isn’t me… It’s my face when I turn around but my body doesn’t look like that.”

Me personally, I never thought for a second that was actually G Dragon. I mean, that woman has a really REALLY nice body. I remember thinking to myself 'if that's really GD, then he is totally hotter than me!'. Well, now we have all that cleared up LOL. Let's go watch the video again!! 


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