More Information on G Dragon's New Album One Of a Kind

VIP's all over the world are waiting for the release of GD's new CD. I personally can't wait!! 
G-Dragon’s new single will be called “Crayon.” 

G-Dragon’s new mini album, “One of a Kind,” will have seven-tracks including: “Crayon,” “One of a Kind,” “That XX,” and a single entitled “In the End” featuring an as-yet-unnamed member of YG’s new girl group.(Wonder who it is??!)  The mini album “One of a Kind” will be released online on September 15 and in stores on September 18.        

It’s been three years since G-Dragon’s first solo  album, “Heartbreaker,” and fans were left waiting anxiously with little information about his comeback.  G-Dragon showed his mastery of the art of teasing by slowly releasing images, teasers, and music videos to whet the fans’ appetite. 
G-Dragon released music videos for “That XX,” with YG’s hyped up new girl group member Jennie Kim in the music video, and “One of a Kind” which can be viewed on Soompi.  G-Dragon explained that though “That XX” and “One of a Kind” would be on his new album, he would not be promoting them as his new single.


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Awesome article! I LOVE BIG BANG SO MUCH!

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